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to do list or not to do list

Productivity: When to Relax!

My productivity levels have been extremely high lately, and not just for me either, I mean for anyone they would be considered high. I’ve actually had to scale it back a bit because I know I was overdoing it and it was starting to take a toll on me.

Freelance & Creative Writing

I have been extremely focused on my freelance writing and I have a little more work than I can handle on my own so I have been asking for help from a couple of other trusted freelancers. I still have to assign the work, edit the work, turn in the work, and make sure everything passes muster… but it helps to take a bit off my plate.

However, I have more clients coming back for more work than I ever have before. I am pretty sure this is a good thing, but at the same time it’s kind of freaking me out because I don’t know where to put all these clients! I sort of want to tell a couple of them to go sit on the couch and wait a minute while I finish up over here, but I can’t do that!

I’m also working on NaNoWriMo this month. I’m already severely behind in where I need to be for the month regarding word count but I’m confident I can make it up. I already love the story I’m writing so much that it will be hard to keep me from NOT writing it! I will have to share a bit of the story at another point in time.

Oh, and there’s a blogging challenge over at Writing.Com called the 30-Day Blogging Challenge that I’ve decided to enter. I entered it a few days late so I just got caught up last night but I think it will get me into the habit of writing in my blog every day over there on things that aren’t just the same things I blog about over here. Prompts are good for some things, you know?

The Job Front

Besides making money with my freelance writing, I have been putting my productivity to use in other areas. I have signed up to be an affiliate with a direct sales company – this one sells clothes like leggings and tops and things. And, of course, I’m still doing Perfectly Posh. I’m actually running a party right now for a friend of mine and I hope she gets a lot of sales!

I’m also considering getting my license to become a life insurance agent. A former freelance writing client I reached out to, to see if he had any work, told me about the venture he and his wife had started a couple of years ago that went national representing 14 different life insurance companies. There’s no cold calling involved and I like that they train their reps so well. I have a feeling I will do it, it will just take some time for me to do some more research on it.

In Conclusion

As always, I have to wrap things up with my usual “proud” and “grateful” things. I think this is a great way to end any blog, or even private journalling, as it makes you focus on good things instead of only negative. Leaving on a good note is always best!

Something I am Proud Of: Pushing myself so hard to support myself.

Three Things I am Grateful For:

  • Having Shoes
  • Having Clothes
  • Being Able to Shower


Beauty of Writing

Writing, writing, writing freelance!

Yup, I’m writing freelance again!

I have been for a few months now and I’ve slowly been building up my clientele. It’s been nice having some of them come back to me for more work and giving me compliments on the work I give them. It makes me feel accomplished as a writer.

Not only that but it makes me feel appreciated as a human being, which is always nice.

I have also been branching out into higher paying jobs, and into niches I haven’t written in before. I wrote an eBook on Mindfulness. I had written about Mindfulness before, but never an eBook that long before so I was quite pleased with myself on that one.

I have been (mostly) getting on the computer every day to at least submit proposals to make sure I have steady work coming in (which is even more important now that I have a team.

That’s right, I have a team again! One of them worked with me last time and I enjoyed working with her very much. The other woman is someone I am sponsoring through a challenge on a creative writing website and we are working very well together at that and she is a great writer so I invited her to the team. She accepted and we are all working together to get some big projects done!

I hope this is a very successful venture for all of us and that our efforts will be fruitful!

I have been fairly stable. Just little ups and downs but that’s to be expected. No major ups and downs, especially none that last awhile.

The spells (stress induced seizure-type things) have ramped up a bit though and I have actually fallen and hurt myself a couple of times so I am trying to reduce stress as much as possible. The biggest stressor right now being my financial situation, I think that I can fix a lot of that just by focusing my attention on my freelance writing like I am and really making this my career goal like I have always wanted it to be.

Well, I have work to do (I have actually been writing this in between doing other projects – multitasking! HAHA) so I’d better get going! Nice to be blogging again!

Something I’m Proud Of: Working so hard toward my goals

Three Things I’m Thankful For:

  • My boyfriend
  • My friends and family who support me (including said boyfriend)
  • The beautiful weather

X Amount of Words

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The good thing is that I’m in a better place now than I was when I last posted. That was a dark place. I actually went to a respite bed for a few days (twice) to get myself back into a better place where I felt safe again. 

The only thing that seems to be bothering me now is my anxiety. It keeps me from getting a good night’s sleep and I often bounce one or both of my legs when sitting if I am nervous. This is awkward around people that don’t know me, especially when I explain that it’s anxiety causing it and they ask me what I have to be anxious about since I don’t work.

Speaking of work, I am trying to get back into freelancing and that will be even easier now that I have a new laptop. Nice, huh? I’m excited. But it will be adding to my anxiety and I have to be prepared for that.

I’ve only written one article so far, but it went well I think. It’s time to find more jobs that I can pace over several weeks. It would be nice to find some recurring jobs, right? Brooke said she’d work with me on freelancing which would be awesome. I’d have a partner in crime!

Well, I should get going. I have more blogs to write. Never-ending…

Beer, Freelance Writing, and a Snake

I just finished an article that has been plaguing me for awhile now. I hope the client likes it. But I hope he doesn’t like it enough to offer me more work. *laugh* Actually, if he does offer me more work, I will probably just politely decline. I will just say it wasn’t my cup of tea, or something like that.

But I’ve been sipping on a beer all night. Actually, this is my second one. This is so weird to say, but I actually like this beer. It’s called Berlinerweiss, from 14th Star Brewery in St. Albans, Vermont. It’s SO good. I usually don’t like beer, although I try almost every one that my husband gets, just to see what it tastes like. But I really liked this one and my brother bought me a growler of it, which means I had to drink 64 oz. of it in 3 days, before it went bad. My husband drank a glass, but I drank the rest. Weird, huh? It’s so good though!

With the help of a friend, I got caught up on my articles and now I just have three that I need to write. These ones sound interesting and I think I will enjoy writing them though so I am all good there. What I need to get caught up on is my blogging. I am always so behind on my blogging!

Oh, and I fed Corin today. She was hungry, because that little mouse was gone in a second! Okay, maybe not a second, but it was gone pretty fast. She’s been a little more active in her tank lately and I’ve been busy snapping pictures when I see her out and about. The picture for this blog is a picture of her sticking her head up by the front glass of her tank, looking out at the room.

So I guess I need to get back to writing so I can make some moolah for my honey. Actually, I am saving up for a thermostat for Corin’s Under the Tank Heater, and I need to buy a box of copy paper. I go through quite a bit of that as a writer.

Well, good night all!

NaNoWriMo, Energy Drinks, and Bipolar – What Could Go Wrong?

I had a whole blog post written the other day and when I went to post it, WordPress did something weird and lost it, and I couldn’t get it back. I didn’t feel like re-writing the wondrous words I had already come up with (and probably couldn’t have come up with the same way again because, let’s face it, I’d just summarize everything the second time) so I just left it alone. Will that teach me not to type my blogs straight into WordPress but instead into a document I can copy and paste from? Probably not. In fact, I don’t even remember what the blog was about so it couldn’t have been that important anyway.

But on to bigger and better things – IT’S NOVEMBER! And that means it’s time for NaNoWriMo. I began my adventure at midnight. Well, 12:02am, to be exact. I wrote 1,500 words exactly and finished my first chapter before trying to get some sleep. However, I had two energy drinks trying to stay up till midnight and beyond and then I was so excited about being able to now write the story I’ve been planning for weeks that I couldn’t sleep. And then I started thinking about the ghosties in my story and I had to turn on the TV so as to scare any Halloween ghosties that were lingering in my room away – or at least get them out of my mind. Geez, it’s only 7am on Day 1 and I’m already scaring myself with my ghost story. I see a high power bill this month.

However, I know I will be spending a lot of time on the computer focused on my writing and it will probably mean a few late nights. I love my energy drinks but I stay away from them because some Bipolars have said they make them manic, even though I’ve never had that problem. If I do get manic, it’s only for a couple hours, and then I crash, which is what I’m guessing an energy drink is supposed to do to you anyway so it’s not really about me, it’s the drink doing it.

But, nonetheless, this month will wreak havoc on my moods and I have already been in a frustrating place. The only good I can see coming from this is that this will give me something to focus on instead of the bad things. At least for a little while.

Well, I guess I’m up for the day. Time to get something to eat and start pounding out words!

Bipolar Flashbacks

I needed to write a memoir/non-fiction essay for my Non-fiction Workshop class that started this week. Since I happen to be in a mixed state and more manic than depressed, why not add fuel to the fire, eh?

I decided to write about my first real manic episode followed by the crash, or depression, and then getting diagnosed with Bipolar. I thought it would be easy.

There was so much that happened during those eight days without sleep that I didn’t remember… probably didn’t want to remember. But I brought it out into the light. Not all of it made it into the essay, of course, but it’s all fresh in my head nonetheless. So that’s not really helping my mixed mood much.

I am blasting Blue October, drinking diet Coke, and looking for shit to do. I want to get out of the house tonight and so does hubby but the movies haven’t changed at the drive-ins in weeks except for the Robin Williams tribute movies and he already said no to going to see the UFC fight at Buffalo Wild Wings. He doesn’t really want to go to Burlington which really limits us.

I guess I’m staying home and making Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, maybe I will read if my mind will let me.

Back In The Bipolar Swing of Things

So I’m trying to get back into the swing of things around the house and in my life in general.

Since our roommate moved out, I moved my office up to the spare room. It looks nice up there and I even have room for a reading chair in my office! I think I need to find a really comfortable chair, no matter what it looks like. I can always put a blanket over it, you know? I guess it shouldn’t be so comfortable that I fall asleep in it while I’m supposed to be reading for school or research though. That would be bad. *laugh*

We had my mother-in-law and her husband over for dinner last night and that was nice. It was great to visit. One more thing that is “normal” to help me get back into things and feel somewhat okay about things. We had corned beef and cabbage with potatoes. I know, it’s a little late for that considering St. Paddy’s day was last month, but we had it last month, too. *laugh* It’s one of my husband’s favorite meals so he bought two corned beef briskets when they went on sale and I froze one.

And I’m back to my volunteer post on Tuesday’s from 1-6 at the writing center. That’s where I am now writing this actually. It’s quiet here. I don’t think many people want to venture out in the rain to come in today. The rain is nasty, down-pouring at times. I hope it lets up by the time I have to drive home. I am glad that I am back to my post though. I need to get out of the house sometimes, you know?

Oh, and my birthday was on the 11th and my hubby bought me a new phone! He bought me the LG G2 and I love it. I didn’t even have a smart phone before I got this. The last time I had a smart phone, I had an iPhone 3GS, so you can say it’s been awhile, but this phone is just amazing. I love all the features of it. Maybe I will do a review of what I like about it (and don’t like – there’s some of that, too) in another post.

So I think I am going to get back to my writing. I have four stories to write in two weeks if I want to finish my Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop class in time. The professor said that she could give me a one week extension if I needed it but I’d rather not extend the class into my next one if possible. So I have a lot to do!

So my bipolar swing is headed toward normal and that’s where I like it. Stay tuned for more fun!

Reading Like a Writer

I have to do some reading before I write my short story for this week in my writing workshop class. The reading is only a few chapters from the book, Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them (P.S.).

I read this book a very long time ago when I first bought it but it’s been years and I think I need to re-read it. Basically, it teaches you to be on the lookout for good writing in the books that you read so that you can learn to write in similar ways.

Now, there are many awesome ways to write and this book isn’t another one of those how-to writing books that shows you one way and says “that’s it, that’s the only way to write.” This book teaches you to go out on your own and look for good writing and learn from it, which is exactly what we need to be doing.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them (P.S.) and give it a read! I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do and it will be your go-to writing book for quite some time.

I should probably get to reading, since it’s already Wednesday night and I haven’t even thought about what I want to write my story about. Oopsies! Have a good night, all!

Helping Out @ the Writing Center

So I’m going to be helping out at the writing center sometimes now. This month it’s Tuesdays. I will try to help when I can. Right now it’s easier because Quay comes down here for school but that stops next month and my car’s turn signal and brake light are still out so I can’t drive it anywhere without getting a ticket (since I’ve already gotten a warning). But I will still do what I can.

I am still attending the writing workshop at the writing center on Fridays. I have to read this week’s material so I’m ready for the discussion on Friday morning. So far there is only one person signed up to submit work. I would submit again but I think it’s too soon. It’s only been a few weeks for me. So I will let someone else go who hasn’t gone lately.

There are many benefits of visiting a writing center. The first and foremost is that you have a quiet space to write. This is definitely important if you are at all serious about your writing, and it can be hard to do if you have things at home that just can’t be avoided while you’re there. Have someone come over to watch the kids, or have hubby or the wife take them for a bit and go to the writing center for some peace and quiet. It’s better than a library because it’s more relaxed as well.

The second reason to visit a writing center is that you’re around people who understand you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Try asking someone to read a few paragraphs and tell you what they think? Try asking if it’s okay if you read something aloud to see how it sounds? Most of the time, people will be willing to help you out!

And as if you needed another reason to find a writing center useful, the workshops that they offer can be quite fun and you can learn quite a bit from them not only about the writing you read for the workshop but also about your own writing as well, as you begin to reflect back on what you write.

So find a writing center near you, and if there isn’t one, START ONE!

Entering Writing Contests

Usually, I shy away from professional writing contests because of the fees associated with them. You usually have to pay a small reader’s fee to have your work read which goes to pay the judges and to awarding prizes. I can understand why they do it, I just don’t want to get tangled up in them and spend more money on entering contests than I do winning them. I am absolutely sure this would happen when I first start entering writing contests and I’m not ready for it. Perhaps once I have a steadier flow of writing income coming in?

However, a friend pointed a writing contest out to me that I just couldn’t ignore. For one, the prompt of the contest spoke to me. For two, there was no entry fee so there went my only means of defense against entering. Would you like to see the contest? Click HERE.

I should have blogged about it sooner so that any of my readers could have entered if they wanted. I suppose there is still time until the first for a last minute entry. I am still making tweaks to mine but it’s mostly done. I hope to have it submitted by tomorrow afternoon.

If you are looking for more places to submit your work to, I suggest looking at Duotrope. It only costs $5/month and it’s a steal for the value you get out of it if you are serious about publishing your work. It takes some time to go through all the publishing venues to find the one that’s right for each piece you’ve written, but sometimes you find a venue that inspires you to write a piece just for them! It really is an amazing site, so try it out!

Now, I am getting manic and that usually means good writing, so I am going to plant myself in front of a keyboard until the magic happens! Either that or I get irritated and yell at my husband. Either one. *laugh!*