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A New Life

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted. A lot has changed.

Just after the New Year, I decided that I had enough of being alone (hanging out with your grandmother all day doesn’t count as not being alone) and I downloaded a dating app to my phone. The first couple of days, I was pretty disappointed, as all I was getting were invitations for phone sex and requests for nude photos. I told myself I would give it two more days and if I didn’t meet anyone worth talking to, then I would delete it and figure something else out.

The next morning, I got a message. This guy didn’t introduce himself with a picture of his genitals and he didn’t want to see mine either. He wanted to talk.

Granted, I was a little skeptical, but he seemed really nice, and within a few minutes, I gave him my number to let him call me. Even while on the phone, he didn’t want to know sexual and personal details. We talked about each other and asked questions.

That whole first day, he was working at his pastor’s house and driving various places. He called when he could talk and we talked about so much randomness. I really enjoyed talking to him and when he finally got home that night, we didn’t get off the phone until after 3am. That is pretty late considering his pastor let him use his truck to drive all the way to my grandmother’s house 90 minutes away to come see me the next day, just so we could meet.

I barely slept at all, and the next day I was a nervous wreck waiting for a big truck to pull up outside. I still remember that first hug on the walkway in front of the house. I hope I never forget that. Grandma was a little snippy with him when he came in the house to meet her and leave her with his numbers so she knew who he was. Apparently she doesn’t like being called “ma’am” haha!

He took me Si Senors for lunch, and the food wasn’t as good as it usually is. Then we drove around and I showed him the tiny town of Deming. The park was across from Starmax so we spent some time at the park, just walking around and then sitting on a park bench and talking. Once Starmax was open at 3pm, he got us some Slush Puppies and was sat in the bowling area drinking them and listening to some music on his phone. Drinks weren’t allowed in the arcade area so once our drinks were gone, we went over there and had some fun. I totally kicked his butt at skee ball but the Deal or No Deal was the most fun. The guy who was running the ticket booth saw we were working really hard and gave us some tokens so we could keep playing for awhile on that game.

He really wanted to take me to his church on Sunday (this was a Friday) but gas in the big truck would’ve been horrible and his smaller vehicles weren’t up to the long drive at that point yet so I made the suggestion that I just come back with him so I could go to church on Sunday and visit for a while. When we went back to Grandma’s to let her know and to pick up some clothes for me, she was much, much nicer to him and I was a little shocked she was so okay with it!

Well, that was January 6th and I haven’t left since. I am so happy here. We both have pasts we’d rather forget and we are helping each other make each day better so the future is never like that again. We support each other in our likes and make sure we take care of each other. I’ve never been with someone who cares so much about how I feel emotionally, mentally, and physically.

When my “spells” made an appearance, he was concerned. However, instead of telling me to go see this doctor or that doctor, or convincing me that something horrible was wrong with me, he started looking for signs, and triggers, and he used his own experiences to find ways he could help me even though he had never helped someone with this type of issue before. He researched it more than I ever have online and he understands what causes the pseudo seizures and he knows what can help them.

Every day gets better and I have never been happier. Even today, when I feel like crap because of PMS and I want to rip my guts out! I know that I have someone who cares that I’m not feeling well.

I wish this kind of happiness for everyone.