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to do list or not to do list

Productivity: When to Relax!

My productivity levels have been extremely high lately, and not just for me either, I mean for anyone they would be considered high. I’ve actually had to scale it back a bit because I know I was overdoing it and it was starting to take a toll on me.

Freelance & Creative Writing

I have been extremely focused on my freelance writing and I have a little more work than I can handle on my own so I have been asking for help from a couple of other trusted freelancers. I still have to assign the work, edit the work, turn in the work, and make sure everything passes muster… but it helps to take a bit off my plate.

However, I have more clients coming back for more work than I ever have before. I am pretty sure this is a good thing, but at the same time it’s kind of freaking me out because I don’t know where to put all these clients! I sort of want to tell a couple of them to go sit on the couch and wait a minute while I finish up over here, but I can’t do that!

I’m also working on NaNoWriMo this month. I’m already severely behind in where I need to be for the month regarding word count but I’m confident I can make it up. I already love the story I’m writing so much that it will be hard to keep me from NOT writing it! I will have to share a bit of the story at another point in time.

Oh, and there’s a blogging challenge over at Writing.Com called the 30-Day Blogging Challenge that I’ve decided to enter. I entered it a few days late so I just got caught up last night but I think it will get me into the habit of writing in my blog every day over there on things that aren’t just the same things I blog about over here. Prompts are good for some things, you know?

The Job Front

Besides making money with my freelance writing, I have been putting my productivity to use in other areas. I have signed up to be an affiliate with a direct sales company – this one sells clothes like leggings and tops and things. And, of course, I’m still doing Perfectly Posh. I’m actually running a party right now for a friend of mine and I hope she gets a lot of sales!

I’m also considering getting my license to become a life insurance agent. A former freelance writing client I reached out to, to see if he had any work, told me about the venture he and his wife had started a couple of years ago that went national representing 14 different life insurance companies. There’s no cold calling involved and I like that they train their reps so well. I have a feeling I will do it, it will just take some time for me to do some more research on it.

In Conclusion

As always, I have to wrap things up with my usual “proud” and “grateful” things. I think this is a great way to end any blog, or even private journalling, as it makes you focus on good things instead of only negative. Leaving on a good note is always best!

Something I am Proud Of: Pushing myself so hard to support myself.

Three Things I am Grateful For:

  • Having Shoes
  • Having Clothes
  • Being Able to Shower


Entering Writing Contests

Usually, I shy away from professional writing contests because of the fees associated with them. You usually have to pay a small reader’s fee to have your work read which goes to pay the judges and to awarding prizes. I can understand why they do it, I just don’t want to get tangled up in them and spend more money on entering contests than I do winning them. I am absolutely sure this would happen when I first start entering writing contests and I’m not ready for it. Perhaps once I have a steadier flow of writing income coming in?

However, a friend pointed a writing contest out to me that I just couldn’t ignore. For one, the prompt of the contest spoke to me. For two, there was no entry fee so there went my only means of defense against entering. Would you like to see the contest? Click HERE.

I should have blogged about it sooner so that any of my readers could have entered if they wanted. I suppose there is still time until the first for a last minute entry. I am still making tweaks to mine but it’s mostly done. I hope to have it submitted by tomorrow afternoon.

If you are looking for more places to submit your work to, I suggest looking at Duotrope. It only costs $5/month and it’s a steal for the value you get out of it if you are serious about publishing your work. It takes some time to go through all the publishing venues to find the one that’s right for each piece you’ve written, but sometimes you find a venue that inspires you to write a piece just for them! It really is an amazing site, so try it out!

Now, I am getting manic and that usually means good writing, so I am going to plant myself in front of a keyboard until the magic happens! Either that or I get irritated and yell at my husband. Either one. *laugh!*

Creative Project Progress Update

Since it’s been so long since I’ve given an update on my creative projects, I thought I would give one now! I have a lot going on and it’s always fun to share the progress with my friends.

The memoir is still bubbling away. I have various “scenes” that I want to put into the memoir outlined a little and I am working on remembering more scenes so I can flesh out the memoir a little more. I want to know what the book is going to consist of so I can put things in order and get my head around where things are going to go. Once that’s done, I will start taking these scenes and fleshing them out into actual pieces of my history. The writing will be the easy part on this one, I think. All of this prep work is really hard!

I am working on poetry every once in awhile but I haven’t finished anything in a long time. I just can’t seem to get the poetic lines flowing, I guess. I get snippets written but nothing complete. I think my goal for next week is going to be to finish a poem, even if it sucks. I can always revise, or even trash it, but I’d like to complete something, you know?

There is a story I wrote a long time ago – a short story – that I really liked. I liked the characters and the location but I really felt the plot could have been better. Well, I am reworking this story! I am really going to make this story shine and I’m starting from the beginning with character profiles right now. The next step for me is setting and plot worksheets. I am going to be working through Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook to help me really flesh out this story and make sure I allow it to live up to what I feel it can be.

So that’s what I’m doing right now. A lot going on, huh? Just be sure to stay in touch so you know first hand what’s going on with these projects!

Something I’m Proud Of: Having an A in my class still (I know, it’s only week 2 of 8 but still!)

Three Things I’m Grateful For: 

  • Warm clothes and a heater that works (It’s cold here!)
  • Food on the table
  • My organizational skills