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Writing Workshop Fun

So I am attending a writing workshop tomorrow. I can’t wait! I read the two stories we are critiquing and they are both great. I love getting feedback on my writing but part of that is GIVING feedback on the writing of others as well. With the writing workshop in Burlington I can do both.

Last week I had my short story for school critiqued and the feedback I received from the writing workshop was amazing. It really helped me to get my story where I wanted it to go. The professor even commented on my changes to the story and I told her about the writing workshop. This week, we are reading a story about two settled down hitchhikers and a young writer who needs a friend and finds one in an older writer she admires the work of. I thoroughly enjoyed both stories and had lots to say about both of them.

But I am really interested to hear about your own experiences with writing workshops. Were they good? Bad? Did you learn anything? Did you have fun? Did you enjoy meeting new people? What was the experience like – take us there!

I have to get up early for the writers workshop so I am sorry this is a short entry. I will let you all know how the workshop goes tomorrow!

Procrastinating Away

Just like the title says, I am procrastinating away. I am usually guilty of this to some degree, but not with so many things on my plate. I don’t usually let things get so piled up. When things get backed up like this after I’ve procrastinated for awhile, I usually get a tad bit overwhelmed.

But I’m not getting overwhelmed today. In fact, I’ve already made myself a to-do list and I checked a few things off it before I stopped to relax for awhile again. I will probably get back to things after I’m done writing this blog post.

So what exactly is on this to-do list?

Well, I need to do more reviews for the poetry contest on Writing.Com (yes, I am still working on those), and I am also still working on my homework for this week as well. This week for homework, I need to read a short story and analyze it for showing vs. telling and I need to do a few critiques for the stories we wrote last week. And I told a friend of mine that I would critique a story of his so I need to get on that, as well as critique the two stories for the writers workshop on Friday.

When I look at it that way, it seems like a lot but I think that if I break it up into manageable chunks, I can handle it and get all this stuff done ahead of schedule. I’m thinking next week will be quieter and I can focus on some things that I want to do rather than have to do which will make it nicer, plus easier to get through.

Well, I’m off to tackle the first thing that’s due on my to-do list – homework!

Back to Normal with Writing

So, things are back to normal… somewhat. I am feeling better, which is great, and I’m getting back to the things that make me feel like a normal person, like writing.

I had my writing critiqued by a group at the Burlington Writers Workshop on Friday. It was a great experience and it really helped to improve my writing, I believe. I feel that the story I turned in today for the final grade for Week 2 is the best that it can be given only a week to write and edit it. I will probably look at the story again in the future and make more adjustments to things before submitting it to various publications. I might just keep it for a short book of my own flash fiction to be published on Amazon? Who knows!

Next week in class we are taking a break from writing and we are reading for a change. We are looking at the whole mantra of “show don’t tell.” There’s a story we are using to examine this principle in and I hope it’s a good story. We also have to critique at least two stories from last week’s writings. I really wish that we could have them read our revised stories but alas, they are stuck reading the first drafts. How unlucky for them.

I think I will keep writing this week even though it won’t be for class. I do have a novel to work on and it’s important to me to finish it this year so I think I shall try to write a chapter or two on the as yet untitled novel. I really wish I could think of a good title for it but I think that will come with time as I write.

Well, I am off to try to clean house before the new week of class starts tomorrow. Anyone who feels like grabbing a mop, feel free!