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Writing Critiques are SO MUCH FUN!

The writing workshop yesterday was very fun. I contributed my two cents worth and it was worth a conversation. I felt like I missed some things while I was reading that others were clued into but I think I will get better at close reading the more I do this. The writing critiques I did for them were fun and I feel like I learned a lot from doing them so I guess that is always a good thing.

I also had to write a couple of writing critiques for class this week. These critiques were for students’ stories that were written last week. I did two of them. I liked the writers’ work that I did last week so I chose the same writers this week and I was surprised by the improvement in both writers’ stories. And I learned a bit from doing the critiques for these writers as well.

I think that by doing these writing critiques, I am learning how to critique my own work better. That’s always a great skill to have and you can never been too good at it!

On a personal note, we got a new couch yesterday. Well, it’s a used couch. We got it at ReSource. They treat all of their furniture so you don’t have to worry about bugs or anything like that. It’s really comfy, with recliners in both ends. I am sitting with my feet up now! And it sure is nicer than the couch that was in here before that was busted practically into pieces. And since this one has a metal frame I don’t think it will break as easy as the other one either!

Anyway, I think it’s time to get started on the novel outlining that I want to get done today. At least two chapters is my goal! I can’t wait until I can start really fleshing out this novel!

Back to Normal with Writing

So, things are back to normal… somewhat. I am feeling better, which is great, and I’m getting back to the things that make me feel like a normal person, like writing.

I had my writing critiqued by a group at the Burlington Writers Workshop on Friday. It was a great experience and it really helped to improve my writing, I believe. I feel that the story I turned in today for the final grade for Week 2 is the best that it can be given only a week to write and edit it. I will probably look at the story again in the future and make more adjustments to things before submitting it to various publications. I might just keep it for a short book of my own flash fiction to be published on Amazon? Who knows!

Next week in class we are taking a break from writing and we are reading for a change. We are looking at the whole mantra of “show don’t tell.” There’s a story we are using to examine this principle in and I hope it’s a good story. We also have to critique at least two stories from last week’s writings. I really wish that we could have them read our revised stories but alas, they are stuck reading the first drafts. How unlucky for them.

I think I will keep writing this week even though it won’t be for class. I do have a novel to work on and it’s important to me to finish it this year so I think I shall try to write a chapter or two on the as yet untitled novel. I really wish I could think of a good title for it but I think that will come with time as I write.

Well, I am off to try to clean house before the new week of class starts tomorrow. Anyone who feels like grabbing a mop, feel free!