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Procrastinating Away

Just like the title says, I am procrastinating away. I am usually guilty of this to some degree, but not with so many things on my plate. I don’t usually let things get so piled up. When things get backed up like this after I’ve procrastinated for awhile, I usually get a tad bit overwhelmed.

But I’m not getting overwhelmed today. In fact, I’ve already made myself a to-do list and I checked a few things off it before I stopped to relax for awhile again. I will probably get back to things after I’m done writing this blog post.

So what exactly is on this to-do list?

Well, I need to do more reviews for the poetry contest on Writing.Com (yes, I am still working on those), and I am also still working on my homework for this week as well. This week for homework, I need to read a short story and analyze it for showing vs. telling and I need to do a few critiques for the stories we wrote last week. And I told a friend of mine that I would critique a story of his so I need to get on that, as well as critique the two stories for the writers workshop on Friday.

When I look at it that way, it seems like a lot but I think that if I break it up into manageable chunks, I can handle it and get all this stuff done ahead of schedule. I’m thinking next week will be quieter and I can focus on some things that I want to do rather than have to do which will make it nicer, plus easier to get through.

Well, I’m off to tackle the first thing that’s due on my to-do list – homework!

A Little Dip in the Road

Well, today isn’t the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. I have sat down at my computer no less than six times to try to force myself into doing something… anything… so that I can call today a productive day. No luck.

I am just down in the dumps today and being Bipolar, it happens from time to time. If it happens for very long, we have a problem, but I don’t worry about just one day. Bipolar Disorder causes mood swings and that’s just what this is – a mood swing.

I can take guesses as to why I am caught in this particular mood swing: yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my father’s death, I’m still upset over Sparky’s death, I’m getting overwhelmed with the amount of reviews to do with regard to the poetry contest, I’m not happy with the story I wrote for class and the Burlington Writers Workshop this week… I could go on, but I won’t.

Instead, I will practice “self care,” which is what my mental health team calls taking care of myself when things get bad. I will take a bubble bath just because. I will read for a few hours without thinking about all the things I need to do. I will bake some cookies for my husband because he likes them and I want to make him happy. I will curl up on the couch with my pooch and watch Scooby Doo cartoons.

And then, when I feel better, I will write a letter to my dad. And I will write a letter to Sparky. And I will buckle down and do some of those reviews for the poetry contest. And I will work on revisions for my short story for class and the workshop so I feel better about it. And I will feel better about doing all of these things.

I think I’m going to start with that bubble bath…