Working Hard to Make My Dreams Come True

My one dream right now is to be with my fiance in our own place. Of course, with me living with my grandmother so that I can save some money to pay for a deposit on the apartment we get and the deposit for the utilities, it seems we are as far away from that as we possibly can be. For Christ’s sakes, I’m even in another state. However, the fact that I’ve wanted and needed this more than anything else in my life has me working hard to make this dream a reality.

I have gotten some new online tools to help me stay organized and focused on my freelance writing so that I can increase my income without getting overwhelmed. I am going to work really hard on monetizing my blog on freelancing ( and I am working with my current clients to keep their needs met while attaining new clients that will be reliable in giving me regular work.

I even applied for a holiday/seasonal job at the local Walmart so I can just work for the next few months to save up some money that way as well.

I am working very hard to stay focused on my dream, and my goals each day, so that I can make my dream a reality as soon as possible. Because it’s not just my dream. It’s the dream of my lover as well.

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Krysha Thayer is a graduate of the undergraduate English and Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University where she concentrated her studies in fiction writing. She enjoys crocheting; spending time with her dog, Kasey; and, supporting her husband, Quay, from home as he has a very demanding job. Krysha lives in Vermont's beautiful Champlain Valley.

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    1. Krysha Thayer Post author

      Thanks, Jenny! Focus is definitely the name of the game and that is something that has been lost to me for a long time. This time I am STAYING on the right path! When you make your goals NON-NEGOTIABLE you have no choice but to accomplish them!


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